Amy Kasten -August Featured Artist


Artist Opening: Friday, August 4, 5-8 PM, Artist’s Talk: 6:30 PM

This current collection of work is a seamless blend of photograph, paint and thread.  Each piece conveys playfulness, a feeling of past meets the present where old images are imposed and inserted in new surroundings.  I have a love of discarded vintage photographs.  There’s certain loneliness in discarded images that I find impossible to ignore.  My work is built in layers; the depth of energy grows as more layers are uncovered.  I want you to look, ponder and discover something new each time.  The images in my collages are mostly women, finding themselves in new and undiscovered environments.  Each work conveys a message to the viewer, some with intent and some left abstract and open for interpretation.  I begin my collages and let them evolve organically; this gives each one of them a sense of spontaneity letting my instinct and emotion respond to the process.  I use a playful approach with color, placement of figure and thread to attract the viewer’s eye.  My quirky, colorful pieces simultaneously convey humor, anxiety, thoughts and sometimes dreams.