Glen Bruns Featured Artist November 1-27

Featured Artist Reception November 4, 5-8 PM


Come view the works of Glen Bruns, a collection of landscapes done with a beauty in simplicity.  He works proficiently in layered acrylics and mixed media to create innovative works that capture the nature of subject matter.  He was recognized as a finalist in artist magazine and has received a variety of other awards and artistic accomplishments.




Steve Randall Guest Artist November 1-27

Guest Artist Reception November 4, 5-8 PM


I was a combat artist in Vietnam in 1968. On some level I still am. But now my passion is plein air painting- in the open and on location in South Dakota. I paint what I see where I am at the time- in the impressionist style- having only a moment to capture the significance of a subject in its light and context.

My subjects may be highly recognizable landmarks in South Dakota like the Corn Palace or Falls Park, or they may be the less conspicuous, but no less special, places people recognize in their travels along the Missouri River or through Spearfish Canyon. In that light, I believe that my paintings have relevance and significance, reinforcing a sense of place for the people of South Dakota.

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