Guest Artist Safet Musinovic August 2 through August 27

Artist Reception August 12 –  5-8 PM

Safet Musinovic August WEB

Safet is a fine artist specialized in portraiture and figurative form using diverse range of media from charcoal to oil paint.

He find inspiration in a variety of subject matter but his greatest passion is to create works of fine art that impact the viewer both visually and emotionally.

Drawing is the foundation upon which he build and explore composition,honing skills of observation and solving problems. Trought drawing eye can be trained to an exceptional level of ability.

Every drawing exhibits an understanding and control of tone,proportion,harmony,composition and express universal ideas,feelings,belief and thoughts.

Through his Atelier training of 2 years and numerous workshops he took with established artist and ongoing drawing and painting from direct observation of nature he is able to capture a strong and believable resemblance of his subjects.

He work primarily from life for his subject whether figure,portrait,landscape or still life and use photographic reference only when necceasary.

In his recent work his focus is figurative drawing and painting methods of old masters while developing his own visual voice and style.

EDrawing 1Painting 2 -24''x20


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