Featured Artist for July Cheryl Longseth June 28 thru July 30

Artist Reception July 8, 5-8 PM

Cheryl Longseth July for web


Cheryl Longseth

I was searching for a new direction to take with my artwork when I was asked to be in an exhibit where each artist was challenged to visually represent a colloquialism. At first I selected “Hanging By a Thread” and did a piece representing that saying. Then, when I was asked to create another colloquialism piece, I chose “A Horse of a Different Color.”

For that I painted a green horse with a pink nose, and I really liked the way it turned out. More recently, I was challenged by an artist friend of mine to do something big and bright. He said, “Just let yourself go.” I told him that when I was a small child, horses were all I wanted to draw. So he said, “Do a horse, big, with lots of color.” He gave me a deadline to motivate me and said “Just have fun with it.” I took up the challenge, and I really did enjoy doing it and loved the result. I donated that piece to the Washington Pavilion for Arts Night, and it fetched a good price.

As a result of that success, when my featured member show at EastBank Art Gallery was coming up in July, I decided to go all out and paint 4 big “horses of a different color,” each measuring 24” x 36.” It has been a real challenge stepping out of my comfort zone and painting so many big, bright pieces in such a short time; but I’m very excited about the results. It’ll be interesting to see how they are received.


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