April Featured Member Greg DenOtter March 27th thru April 30th

Artist Reception April 1, 2016 – 5-8 PM

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I was born and raised in Volga, SD. My dad was an artist and pretty much everyone in the family has some sort of artistic abilities. I am pretty much self-taught on most of the mediums I have ventured into.

With this “Cross Roads” show I wanted to explore the iconic shape of the cross in various traditional and non-traditional materials. Although generally associated with Christianity, the design of the cross was used thousands of years before the advent of Christianity.

Whatever medium I’m working in, I like to push the envelope and push myself to try to do different interpretations of the medium or the object being explored.



April Special Guest Artist Show and Workshop with Robert Hagberg March 27th thru APRIL 30th!

Special Guest Artist Reception APRIL 1ST, 2016  5-8 pm

Landscape Painting Workshop April 30th and May 1st  8:30am-6:00pm

Workshop Cost: $250 

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Do not miss this opportunity to study oil painting techniques with a master.  For more information, call 605.977-2667 or stop in Eastbank Art Gallery for details and to sign up, or email us: events@eastbankartgallery.org or visit eastbankartgallery.net


From the very start, Robert saw the world around him as an ever-changing canvas. His father, an avid photographer, put a camera in his hands at an early age. However, Robert saw much more than photos while looking through the lens, so he picked up a paintbrush and the rest is history…

Part of the history involves an influential, high school, art teacher named Harold Winkel and two hours of daily art instruction. Robert was exposed to the masters of art and continually challenged to paint in such varying styles.

While battling the uncertainties of building a career as an artist, Robert was encouraged to pursue a liberal arts degree. He later went on to earn a Masters in Counseling and Human Development, which served him for a number of years while working in the field of human services.

From there, Robert moved to a career in film production as a cameraman and lighting director, which gave him the opportunity to use a television screen as a creative outlet. He continued to produce a few paintings per year while engaged in video work.

Then in 1992, with the blessings and encouragement of his family, Robert made the decision to pursue painting full time. Robert’s skills in film and photography helped him form a marriage between camera and canvas that produced award winning “photo-realistic” acrylic paintings. Despite the awards, Robert began to feel disillusioned with the time required to create such work, and though beautiful, in many ways it was much like an enlarged photograph.

In 1998, Robert took his first of several oil painting workshops with the well-known landscape painter Jim Wilcox. Painting outdoors, surrounded by the beauty of the Teton mountains, Robert was in his element. His course of self development continued during his studies with Wm. Scott Jennings, Scott Christensen, Michael Albrechtsen , Kathryn Stats, and Ray Roberts.

As a result, Robert’s work has evolved into a distinctively realistic yet “painterly” style. He still uses his photography skills as inspirational reference, but weds his photography with his plein-aire field studies to create works that are filled with the essence of place.

It is through this work that Robert has been accepted and honored in dozens of national shows as well as earning signature status in Oil Painters of America. In 2013 he was honored to be selected to represent Acadia National Park in the publication “Art of the National Parks: Historic Connections, Contemporary Interpretations”. Robert continues to explore new subject matter and methods of painting, believing that pushing the boundaries of artistic comfort is essential for personal growth and success as an artist.

Professional accomplishments:

2015: OPA National Show, “The Ovens” –  OPA Eastern Regional, “ Opportunists”

Virtuosos of OPA Exhibit, “Serenade” – Mountain Oyster Club, “Shadow Dance”

Cincinnati Art Club Virtuoso, “It’s a Rush” – RMPAP “Paint the Park” National Show

2014: OPA Eastern Regional Show, “Settling Into Shadows”

2013: OPA National Show, “High Country Splendor” – OPA Salon Show, “Painting Day”

Salon international, “Natural Symphony”

2012: Salon International “Natural Rhythm” and “Fluid Movement” – RMPAP “Paint the Park” National Show

Scottsdale Salon of Fine Art Salon, “Caressed”

2011: OPA National Show, “Full Volume” – RMPAP “Paint the Park” National Show

Salon International, Honorable Mention, “ Timberline”

2010: OPA National Show, “Reflections” – Salon international, “Turbulence”

RMPAP National Show – Acadia Invitational, Key Bank Award, “It’s Magic”

2009: OPA National Show, “ Captivating Motion”

Salon International, “In Motion”


2008: Artist In Residence, Acadia National Park

OPA National Show, “Descending Light” OPA Eastern Regional Show, “Evening Prelude”

Salon International, “Standing Against the Tide” and “A New Days Dawn”

RMPAP National Show


2007: Paint America Top 100, “Rugged Beauty” and “Quiet Evening”

RMPAP paint out Winter Park Colorado


2006:National Arts for the Parks Top 100, “Evening on Rocks and Ocean”, Top 200, painting “Rapt in Rhythm”

Salon International, “Navaho Man” and “Laughing Singer”

RMPAP paint out Steamboat  Springs CO

2005:Artist Magazine 22nd annual competition, First Place Landscapes,“ Evening Dance”

National Arts for the Parks Top 100,  “Reflections from Summer Snow” and “Interplay”

Top 200, paintings “The Touch of Sun” and “Within the Mist”

RMPAP paint out Tucson AZ, Jackson WY and Estes Park CO.

2004:OPA National Show, “Surf and Stone”

Salon International ,“Peak Performance”

National Arts for the Parks Top 100,  “Moment of Reflection” and “Time Exposure”

RMPAP paint out Estes Park CO

2003:National Arts for the Parks Top 100, “The Rugged and the Serene” Top 200, painting “Power of Time”

OPA  Central Region Competition -Award of Excellence “Evening Dance” additional show painting

“Woodland Magic”

2002:National Arts for the Parks Top 100, “Morning Sentries”

2001:OPA National Show, “Looking Down From the Heights”

National Arts for the Parks Top 100, painting “Smoky Mountain Cascade”

Salon International “West of Jackson”

American Plains Artists, “Heart’s Homestead” and “Rolls of the Land”


1999:Edina Art Festival  “Award of Merit” for body of work

1998:National Arts for the Parks Top 200,  “Smoky Mountain Green”

Memberships:   Signature Member:

Oil Painters of America

Cincinnati Art Club

Rocky Mountain Plein Aire Painters