March Featured Member Steve Beaubien March 1st thru March 26th

Artist Reception March 4th, 2016  5-8 pm

Steve Beaubien March Cardrev1

The paintings I have chosen for this show… SEEING THE FOREST BEYOND THE TREES…  represent my personal journey to see the landscape… not just as trees and water, sky and rocks but what I have come to recognize as part of my soul. I do not believe my soul could be complete without me seeing the landscape in its many forms and moods…

I have attempted to raise my consciousness not only of the shapes and form in the natural landscape but also of the colors I see. Through my painting process I try to express my feeling and sense of what I am looking at. My paintings will sometimes be more representational and at other times more expressive, even bordering on the abstract.

These paintings are all landscapes, created on location (en plein aire), using oil paints… representations of nature as I was seeing it “at the time” I was creating the painting. They are not intended to be photo-realism. They are expressions of the light, the mood I am sensing at that moment in time.

I am continuing on my journey as a painter. Trying to express my observations and feelings with increasing accuracy and insight. It is my hope that you will recognize in some way the feeling in each of these paintings and that you may experience a sense of soul in them, individually and as a whole.


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