December Guest Artist Bonnie Brahms Dec. 1 thru Jan. 2

Artist Reception Friday, Dec. 4, 5-8 pm


Bonnie Brahms works out of her home based studio near Humboldt, SD. After many years of working outside the home doing custom framing design, she is now devoted as a full time artist.

Growing up on the family homestead north of White River SD, she takes special pride in honoring the early years of homesteading in South Dakota.   Hearing all the stories of hardship and determination by Grandparents and Great Grandparents like traveling from Missouri by train as far as Chamberlain, SD.   There they waited several weeks for the rail bridge over the Missouri River to be repaired. Determined  they headed west to Murdo  SD where they hired a driver of a model T Ford to transport them to the little White River then by foot to the homestead site. Her parents currently reside on this site raising crops and cattle.

Many of her paintings depict a western theme to reflect on an appreciation of her heritage. The prairie skies, the beautiful native grasses, and abundant wildlife present endless ways to capture the essence of these experiences rather than simply a literal reproduction.

Painting to her is a never ending journey of discovery and excitement with many questions asked, “What if?” With that comes freshness to each new piece.


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