Artist Reception Friday, Dec. 4, 5-8 pm


The past several decades have been an evolutionary process for me as an artist, taking me from Denver, Colorado’s broad audiences to rural South Dakota; each environment offering me varying educational resources, differing audiences, demographic preferences, experiences and challenges. I have taken the time over the years to expose myself to multiple techniques, ultimately finding that the styles of the Old Masters and Classical Realism spoke to me in a way nothing else ever has.

I have studied the traditional Old Masters Classical Realism methods of painting thru formal classroom instruction and study.  I traveled to Italy and observed first hand the amazing works of our artistic history.  I have dedicated years of my life to learning, observing, coursework and practice in order to accurately and realistically portray a story, depicting or representing a subject.

As a traditional artist I have been commissioned to paint and draw portraits, design and execute numerous public murals in addition to exhibiting still life and figurative paintings. I have used the academic principles of the masters to teach students how to create their own murals and others to improve on their present drawing skills.  I have successfully demonstrated the significance of the Old Masters Style by having my work accepted in galleries and in juried shows receiving several awards.  I have been published  in  Hometown  South Dakota book by Greg Latza, in addition  South Dakota Magazine and Newsletter for drawing portrait of all 63 residents of Raymond, SD.  My notecards have been used in South Dakota Made gift basket by a local business.

My ultimate goal as an artist is to continue to represent my subjects in the best possible light, in keeping with the tradition of the Masters.


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