Steve Randall Guest Artist November 1-27

Guest Artist Reception November 4, 5-8 PM


I was a combat artist in Vietnam in 1968. On some level I still am. But now my passion is plein air painting- in the open and on location in South Dakota. I paint what I see where I am at the time- in the impressionist style- having only a moment to capture the significance of a subject in its light and context.

My subjects may be highly recognizable landmarks in South Dakota like the Corn Palace or Falls Park, or they may be the less conspicuous, but no less special, places people recognize in their travels along the Missouri River or through Spearfish Canyon. In that light, I believe that my paintings have relevance and significance, reinforcing a sense of place for the people of South Dakota.

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Ray Kelly Guest Artist October 4 – October 29

Artist Reception October 7  •  5-8PM


Ray Kelly is a multi-talented artist born and raised in South Dakota. Self-taught, he works mostly in graphite and colored pencils, but is also an accomplished sculptor working with bronze casting. His topics vary from western to wildlife, and rodeo scenes. He also does much commission work.

He has done artwork for Ducks Unlimited, Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund, Quail Unlimited, National Wild Turkey Foundation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and many other organizations. Ray’s artwork is in high demand among celebrities, having sold for as high as $18,000 with such collectors as the Stallones, Marshall/Lindy Teague, Tom Green, Jimmy Fortune of the Statler Brothers, The Mandrell Sisters, Craig Morgan, Ted Nugent, Jim Ed Brown, and the list goes on. You can catch Ray on television throughout the year on the Outdoor Life Network and other shows which feature his talents.

Boyd McPeek Featured Member Show October 4 – October 29

Artist Reception October 7 – 5-8 PM


People of ask me where I get the ideas for my pictures. I can tell them that my pictures start as doodles in a sketchbook that I scan into my laptop. Then I trace over them to create a digital image. But as far as why I drew a purple treehouse that looks like a castle, I don’t have any really good answers. But, that won’t stop me from talking about it.

First of all, I spend time collecting images in my mind. I go for walks and look at the trees and houses and the river. I also browse a lot of picture books with glossy images of foreign lands. And then there are the videos on the internet that show a guy making a treehouse suspended by steel cables. Cool.

But most of all, I create worlds in my mind (and folders in my laptop) to hold the images I collect. I have names for these places like Skyworld, River of Grass, Outback Trail, the Spice Road and others. I develop a story line for these worlds that help me generate new ideas. For instance, Skyworld is a place in the atmosphere of some exoplanet where tempature and pressure are close to earth normal (like at an altitude of 30 miles on Venus). There balloon creatures float on the wind.

So for this show I have assembled a collection of aluminum prints that represent the curious worlds of Spice Road, Iceworld, River of Grass and a couple others. My goal is to create an image of a place that might be fun to visit if even for just a few minutes. I hope you enjoy the journey.

Featured Artist for September Jim Heroux August 30 – October 1

Artist Reception – Sept. 9, 2016  5-8 pm

Jim Heroux Sept_WEB

Jim Heroux is a professional watercolor artist and an award winning design architect.  His buildings and inspired designs can be found in 26 different states.  His unique talent and easy going way with people allows him to translate the technical need of a building owner into a built reality greater than the owner ever expected.

Since his retirement from architecture, watercolor painting has given him the opportunity to exceed in a completely different art form.  He is a member or the Central Minnesota Watercolorists and has won several painting awards in the South Dakota Masterworks Competition. In 2014 Jim was selected to show work his work in the SD Governor’s 6th Biennial Art Exhibition that toured South Dakota for two years.

This year Jim has looked at heart and soul of Sioux Falls to see and translate what is unique about this wonderful city.  This exhibition is just the beginning of future statements about what this city means to him.  Jim was born in a small town just north of Green Bay, WI.  Yes, of course he is a Packer fan.  He chose to come to Sioux Falls when he visited it in 1989 and saw the potential for a great city with friendly, open people.   It has been a joy to be a part of the growth and creativity of this city.  There is so much more to do to show others that this is the premiere city in the midwest in so many ways.

Jim also teaches beginning watercolor classes.  During the Spring, Summer and Fall and has taught watercolor classed in Destin, Florida where he and his wife winter.

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Featured Artist Roger Ellingson August 2 through August 27

Roger Ellingson August FINAL WEB

Artist Reception August 12, 2016 5-8 pm

Most of RodgerEllingson’s paintings are done on location or are based upon his plein air paintings. Mostly self taught, he took some art classes in college and began painting later in life. Growing up in Sioux Falls, Rodger returned after teaching, working summers for the United States Forest Service and  camps in Wyoming, Montana, Minnesota, and the Black Hills. Living in these areas has influenced his art. He recently retired from the Sioux Falls School District, where he was a teacher. He is married to Sheila and has a son, Charlie, who attends Lincoln High School. Rodger’s work may be viewed at Eastbank Art Gallery and at regional art fairs.
WorkIng mostly in watercolor and acrylic, Rodger does not usually paint portraits of people but often does paint the places where people have gathered over time. The current show includes gathering places such as churches, theaters, and camps. Some places, such as our falls, have attracted people to create their towns. Some paintings may represent large group gatherings such as theaters and churches. Others may be small, such as a good camping spot. Some of the work is new, some older. Hope you enjoy!



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Guest Artist Safet Musinovic August 2 through August 27

Artist Reception August 12 –  5-8 PM

Safet Musinovic August WEB

Safet is a fine artist specialized in portraiture and figurative form using diverse range of media from charcoal to oil paint.

He find inspiration in a variety of subject matter but his greatest passion is to create works of fine art that impact the viewer both visually and emotionally.

Drawing is the foundation upon which he build and explore composition,honing skills of observation and solving problems. Trought drawing eye can be trained to an exceptional level of ability.

Every drawing exhibits an understanding and control of tone,proportion,harmony,composition and express universal ideas,feelings,belief and thoughts.

Through his Atelier training of 2 years and numerous workshops he took with established artist and ongoing drawing and painting from direct observation of nature he is able to capture a strong and believable resemblance of his subjects.

He work primarily from life for his subject whether figure,portrait,landscape or still life and use photographic reference only when necceasary.

In his recent work his focus is figurative drawing and painting methods of old masters while developing his own visual voice and style.

EDrawing 1Painting 2 -24''x20

Guest artist for July John Peters JUNE 28 THRU JULY 30

Artist Reception July 8, 5-8 PM

John Peters FOR WEB

I am a Sioux Falls artist, married to Deb Peters and have four children.  B.A. from Augustana College, M.F.A. from the University of Illinois.  I have commissioned public works and Liturgical art and exhibit personal work at the East Bank Art Gallery.  I am currently the Gallery Coordinator and sculpture and 3-D design teacher at Augustana University.

I have used the box form for 41 years to create constructions/assemblages in a wide variety of media and content.  This current series is focused on 3-Dimensional designs with different kinds of metals, all found objects, in a format that invokes a sense of miniature scale, museum exhibition spaces, and the intrigue of familiar and unfamiliar found objects that all conjure memories of past experiences.  They tend to be very intense.  I used heavy metal band names in the titles for fun because I think of these boxes as my “Heavy Metal” museum expositions. The visitor count indicates how many people are in the expo.

The drawings from my sketchbooks allow me to be free.  They are not quite so intense in terms of production.  They are my way of relaxing and enjoying visual free associations and color in my favorite theme: surreal landscapes.

Featured Artist for July Cheryl Longseth June 28 thru July 30

Artist Reception July 8, 5-8 PM

Cheryl Longseth July for web


Cheryl Longseth

I was searching for a new direction to take with my artwork when I was asked to be in an exhibit where each artist was challenged to visually represent a colloquialism. At first I selected “Hanging By a Thread” and did a piece representing that saying. Then, when I was asked to create another colloquialism piece, I chose “A Horse of a Different Color.”

For that I painted a green horse with a pink nose, and I really liked the way it turned out. More recently, I was challenged by an artist friend of mine to do something big and bright. He said, “Just let yourself go.” I told him that when I was a small child, horses were all I wanted to draw. So he said, “Do a horse, big, with lots of color.” He gave me a deadline to motivate me and said “Just have fun with it.” I took up the challenge, and I really did enjoy doing it and loved the result. I donated that piece to the Washington Pavilion for Arts Night, and it fetched a good price.

As a result of that success, when my featured member show at EastBank Art Gallery was coming up in July, I decided to go all out and paint 4 big “horses of a different color,” each measuring 24” x 36.” It has been a real challenge stepping out of my comfort zone and painting so many big, bright pieces in such a short time; but I’m very excited about the results. It’ll be interesting to see how they are received.